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Weddings are one of life's greatest moments, the joining of two people in a celebration of love and closeness.

How to Choose a Package

Finding the best Fit

Couples who have the traditional 5-6 hour Wedding from ceremony to reception may need up to 10 hours of coverage to tell their story.

For reference, here’s how long things take on average:

Details & Prep: 2-3 hours
First Look & Portraits: 30-45 minutes
Bridal Party: 30-45 minutes
Family Formals: 30 minutes

If you want to capture the full story then it will absolutely be worth booking longer than you might initially think!



Engagement sessions are a special time to stop the wedding planning and appreciate being engaged! We love these sessions and include them in all wedding packages!

You will get to know us as well as chat all about your big day! We introduce you to some of the poses and prompts we will do on your wedding day so it won't be new on the day of!